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Logic Vault™

Bring all your control system configurations into a single, secure repository.

How many programmable devices are in your operation? Do you have a SCADA project too? Or several? It doesn't take long for the number of electronic configuration files to add up to a large number.

Just to make things more interesting, ask yourself how many people have to access them? Where do they save them? Or worse, how many versions of the same thing exist?

Unfortunately, it's common for sites to encounter problems with keeping track of the "last known good" version of their configuration files.

That's why we developed Logic Vault™ to make it easy to keep track of the latest configuration of your PLC, SCADA or DCS project files. We've made it simple and easy for multiple people to access and update the project files for the same control system devices. No more file duplication. No more third parties blowing away your recent changes. No more wondering which file is the latest version.

Keep your control system files secure, safe and accessible with Logic Vault™.