How well are your assets being managed?

The age old adage says “You can only manage what you measure”.

In today’s operations, control systems and HMIs are critical to ensure efficiency and safety.

So how well are your automation assets being managed?

  • How many controllers do you have?
  • What model are they?
  • What firmware are they running?
  • Where are they in their product lifecycle?
  • When was the last backup taken?
  • Where are the backups stored?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions, or it takes hours, days or even weeks to find out - then take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

It drove us to question the status quo - although the answers didn’t fill us with confidence!

The requirements aren’t exactly complicated - at a glance I’d like to see:

  • Details of all assets in my plant
  • Where they are located
  • Any lifecycle events - e.g. when they were commissioned, patched, any major events, eol date
  • What firmware they are running
  • How they are configured
  • Network & security details
  • When they were last backed up
  • Management procedures
  • Any special notes or instructions
  • How to back out a change

A lot of vendors will package some specific tooling or software for their specific equipment.

Even getting some consistency between different types of equipment by the same vendor is a big ask.

Worse, the solutions that do exist generally provide only a subset of the functions required for comprehensive oversight and management.

The end result is a landscape of half solutions for specific equipment - and no consistency between vendors or versions!

That generally translates to two things - either reverting to manual processes for what should be a very boring and automated function, or an integration nightmare to try and bring some level of consistency to the soup of tools and platforms.

So now you know why it’s not just you.

It was driving one of our customers mad. They just needed something simple.

They will be able to access a “single version of the truth” for all control, HMI and instrumentation assets via an easy-to-use web browser interface. Our system can be installed on premise for total control and data sovereignty, or it can be hosted in a private cloud with bank-level security. Our technology is vendor agnostic and is suitable for any electronic, configurable device.

Never get caught out again because no-one could find the right information or the latest backup fast enough. Get the system information you need, when you need it, at the click of a button.

SetPoint™ will empower your maintenance and engineering teams with our secure Operations Technology Management System (OTMS).

Talk to us to arrange an obligation-free demonstration.